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Rob P:
Just started treatment (2 days ago) using sustiva/truvada.  I've been reading lots about issues with sustiva side effects, but so far so good.  How long does it take to settle in before effects?   Maybe I'll get lucky and have no issues

Tim Horn:

I don't want to jinx things for you, but in most people who do experience the central nervous system side effects of Sustiva (e.g., dizziness, vivid dreams, altered moods), they usually arise the first night Sustiva is taken and can last three to four weeks.  If you haven't experienced these symptoms yet, it's possible that you won't ever experience them... and if you do, they may only be very mild in intensity. 

There is still a risk of rash with the Sustiva, which tends to arise in the first few weeks of therapy.  And as for Truvada, the tenofovir and emtricitabine in this fixed-dose combination tablet have pretty good track records, although it might be a good idea for your doctor to keep an eye on your kidney function (using a simple blood test) while you're on this product. 

Keep us posted!

Tim Horn

My hubby has been on Sustiva/Truvada since may 24. So far the only symptoms he has had is a rash and was a little dizzy the first couple of days when he got up. He went to the dr  yesterday and they gave him a steroid shot and a prescription for zyrtec for his rash. He said that today the rash has already started to fade.

Hope you have the same luck(without the rash) that hubby has had on these meds.


Rob P:
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all stays well.  I've read other posts regarding the side effects and appreciate everyone being honest and upfront regarding what to expect.  That had me concerned.  I'll keep an eye out for new rash, but glad Teresa's hubby is starting to clear.

Thanks for the info

I ve been on Sustiva and Truvada for nearly 6 months and the dizziness and depressed moods have never left me but in general I did not encounter any other major problems (I guess dizzy & depressed should be enough..)


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