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Question about milk thistle and HIV meds


I have a question that I hope someon here can answer, or guide me to someone who can. I have chronic Hep B. It's been about 19 years now, and the shit is starting to hit the fan. The question I have concerns milk thistle, a number of people have told me about it, but I want to know if there might be an interaction problem between the milk thistle and my HIV meds. Can anybody help me on this one?

On the answer of this Dr. he clearly says, on the last paragraph, to avoid milk thistle as it interferes with HIV meds.
On the following link you will find information about milk thistle and liver disease.

Hello Carl,

I have never used milk thistle. I have heard both pro's and cons on it. Mark (Aztecan) I believe has, or does use milk thistle on a regular basis. perhaps he can share his experiences using it.

Take care-----Ray

My pharmacist said it was a no go, but I seem to know a few people who do it anyway w/o affecting their labs.  I've been riding the fence on taking it too.  I guess I would factor in how much HIV mutation you have if the worst case scenario means you could fail this regimen.  With your situation though, I'd be more open to trying it.  Of course this is just my layman's opinion.


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