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For those people concerned about my living situation...   I truthfully didn't expect to find something so soon - but am exceptionally grateful that I did.  I was feeling overly stressed out at finding something by the end of the month, since I had given my notice, already, to my current roommate.  The roommate market here is interesting... all the people with available rooms want to rent them immediately, and the people looking for rooms, want to rent at the beginning of the month.  It's kind of a weird market. :)
Anyway, it seems that my body doesn't deal with stress as it used to.  I don't know if it's HIV related or not, but I do know that last night I slept amazingly well, in the wake of having not, since the beginning of the month.  It's nice to not live with worry.  In fact, to further reduce stress, I'm selling my truck, and getting a motorcycle in its stead.  woohoo!   
So, about the room I'm renting...  it is in a very old hotel built in 1913.  It actually used to be a Suite, and so there is no living room, but the room is a very decent size ( about 15'x12' with a murphy bed, and a hide-away closet), and would be equivalent to a high-end studio, except that there are pocket doors to an adjoining room -- thus the roommate situation.
There is gorgeous real wood panelling (Cherry or Dark Maple, I don't know which) that goes about two-thirds of the way up the walls, and then there is about a foot of wall, then a bit of moulding, and then the wall goes up about another foot and then curves into the ceiling.  The ceilings are 12 feet high, and the windows (three of them) are 6 foot bay windows, and the room is screaming for deep blue - so it looks like I've found out what I am going to do with that beautiful denim/chinese-satin bolt of material I bought two years ago.  I hope I don't run out!
My roommate is an older gentleman (late 50's?) and he is associated, somehow, with the Imperial Court, and is a Radical Faerie and loves the same kitsch that I do.  He's got a wall FULL of glam, early decade movie stars, including a signed picture of Joan Crawford.   When I walked out of my new room, I turned to the wall of Holywood divas and declared, "Why yes, I do look lovely today, how very kind of you to say, Tallulah (Bankhead)!  ...and no, Maggie (Smith), of course I don't look younger than you... NEVER!!"   I think I'm gonna like it here -- especially for $550 a month! :)

Oh yeah...  at work, I discovered that they were starting new employees out at a higher rate of pay than I was making, so I am supposed to be getting an exceptionally decent retroactive raise. :)  :)  Looks like that motorcycle will be happening sooner than I thought, too. :)

Andy Velez:
Who said there aren't any real stars anymore!!!!???

Enjoy your new home and you get ready for your closeup.

Wow, sounds like a great room! I am very happy for you.

Just remember: "It's the good girls who keep the diaries, the bad girls don't have the time," Tallulah Bankhead.



Hi Joe, glad all seems to be working fine for you and read you in an upbeat mood :) *wine/ clinnnggg* cheers,

take care,



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