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Do i need to worry?


I am a woman who had a sexual encounter with a male with unknown hiv status.  We did not have intercourse.  However, we were both unclothed, and there was heave petting.  I am concerned about the following:  during the encounter he stroked and touched his penis to lubricate and then touched the outside of my vagina, twice.  I believe that there was precum.  There was no penetration.  When he ejaculated on me I noticed seman landed  on a day old cut on my arm.  I freaked out. 

On the following day of the incident I had a severe sore throat, body aches and an ear ache.  All went away within a week. Then two weeks after the encounter I developed a dry cough that has not subsided.  Concerned, I tested at 6 weeks-negative. I went to the doctor this morning about my cough, recent body aches(last few days)  and now a fever(100) that stated yesterday and he recommended that I test again- today is 7 weeks.   Now I am really scared. 

Any comments are greatly appreciated.

At no time were you at risk. Your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV.

Just  curious. Have you ever seen a 6 week negative turn into a positive at 8 weeks?

We have seen that, does that mean you will? No. You had no risk. You shouldn't have tested for any other reason than normal HIV and STD surveillance.



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