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Hello - thank you for providing this to us

About two years ago - I slept with a sex worker and the condom broke.  Being scared I immediately went to my doctor and got on to PEP treatment.  I completed the drugs and then went on to test.  Test's were negative,  I then waited 12 weeks after completing the drugs and tested again. Still was negative.  Up till now I'm still very scared.  I suffer with post nasal drip and my tongue has a white coating, which clears up and then appears again.  I get sores at the tip of my tongue.  Not sure if this caused due to me somehow biting the tip of my tongue.

I also suffer from sinuses and constant post nasal drip.  Please help, I'm scared to test.

You don't need to retest, you've got your negative result. This is not an HIV concern.

You mean that I could not be infected, and that these symptoms that I have, have no relation to being infected?

Could there be any chance that I have sero-converted after my last test and after being on PEP?

Really sorry to worry you - but I just can't shake it from system..


A three month test after your last dose of PEP is conclusive. You don't have hiv.

You didn't really need PEP for a one-time condom break (with you being the insertive partner) anyway. I've yet to see an insertive partner become infected after a one-time condom break. Even without PEP, the odds were in your favour of testing negative.

Please read through the condom and lube links in my signature line so you can avoid this in future. A correctly used condom rarely breaks.


The reason that I went on PEP is because, I had a scrape on my penis.  Just went a little red, but no blood.


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