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I only tested once is that enough???

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Everyone, I am new here so I hope I am doing this right.  Let me know if I am not.    I don't know how to start this.   I had unprotected sex a couple of times eight months before I met my husband.  I got married.   When I got married my husband got tested and was negative.  I got tested and was negative as well.  But soon after we had unprotected sex my husband got sick.  Fever, and pain in the groin area.  Really bad pain for a couple of weeks.  He went to the doctor and they gave him a shot of penicillian.    I am just scared that maybe my test for hiv was wrong.  Maybe, I should have gotten at least one more test after the first one.  Maybe, there was a mistake done at the lab, or there wasn't enough time to show if I was positive.

My husband still get pain every once inawhile there.  Sometime he complains his knee hurts or his stomach.  And my stomach aches thinking maybe its hiv.  Its hard living like this thinking maybe I gave him hiv.  I look at my baby and worry, maybe he has it too.   Especially, today since he has a fever and is crying alot.  I wake up first thing in the morning thinking about it.  And go to sleep thinking about it.  I think maybe the nurse that gave me the results on the phone read them wrong or it was someone elses results she had in her hand. 

I wish I never went on the internet and read all these websites because now I am more scared then ever.  Before I read them I thought my test results were reliable, but now I am not sure. Some say that people should get tested more than once.  Some say one test is enough if you are low risk.  I don't think any type of unprotected sex is low risk.   

I don't want to get tested again, because I was so scared last time I tested.    I always thought the one test was reliable, but now I am not sure. 

Thanks for your help

Andy Velez:
As long you tested negative at 13 weeks or more past your previous unprotected incidents then that was a reliable test result. You're HIV negative. Period.

If your husband is having troublesome symptoms he should be discussing them with his doctor.

Given what you have reported, this is not an HIV situation. No further testing is necessary.


Thanks Andy

I guess my next step is to see if I have an STD.  I am not sure if I was tested for it during pregnancy or not.  I don't think I was.  If I do test positive for an STD will that change my negative report for HIV?

Thanks for your help again


--- Quote --- If I do test positive for an STD will that change my negative report for HIV?
--- End quote ---


No. As Andy said, as long as your hiv test was three months or more after your last incident of unprotected intercourse, you are reliably hiv negative. The presence of a different STI, or anything else for the matter, won't change that fact.


Thanks everyone for your comments.  Still nervous, I am trying to work up my nerve to go get tested for the other STDS out there.  I wish I was tested for those when I got tested for HIV back in August.  Guess I will find out soon enough what it is.  All I know is that they saw bacteria from my husbands prostrate. 

Thanks everyone

Have a nice weekend


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