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Update on my Grandmother...from 21 acres of cactus...

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Thanks everyone for your kind words when I posted Tuesday night.  You all gave me the courage to make a very difficult drive.  I was crying half the way and I forgot to pack some tapes so I was at the mercy of AM country radio for about five hours.

Mimi is in good spirits.  She can laugh and carry on a conversation, but she's weak, and not eating a lot. The docotrs are giving her two months.  There will be no further workup, no treatments other than pallative.  I was able to deal with the hospital administration so that my Dad would be able to review the chart and so i got the full scoop finally; there will not be any recovery.  Fully expecting her to be comatose when I arrived, I am happy that I've been able to spend two days talking with her.  She's still got a great memory, and she tells some very funny stories.  She knows she's not going home and she doesn't want to anyway.  She remembers what a horrible patient my grandfather was and she doesn't want anyone to attempt to take care of her at home.

Special thanks to my Dad for figuring out how to get me online out here in the prickly pear patch.  Saturday night I will be at my sister's house and hopefully can use her network, but at the latest I'll be home Sunday evening. Thank you again for your support.


Oh man I feel for you....


My thoughts are with you.



You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


Its great to read that Mimi is good spirits Creighton. She sounds like an incredible person,

take care,



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