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Thinking about Exposure 12 years ago..

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I am first time reader of this site. First of all I am so thank full for every one who is contributing their valuable time and knowledge in helping others through out the planet.

I had an un-protected oro-vaginal first time exposure in my life (in strip club-USA) with un known HIV status lap dancer about 10-12 seconds. I did touch her vagina with my lips very briefly (no tongue involved) and I did find some wetness but I am not sure that is my saliva or her vaginal fluids? After that nothing was happened and I came to home and check my lower lip and noticed some cracks and rough edges on my lower lip. That is the time I started getting nervous and sleep less nights. So far one week no symptoms other than sleeplessness and stressful headaches…

I spoke to Strip club manager about her, he told me that she may not have HIV and also he told me that she has two small kids.

I know I did big mistake and I should shame for my act.
At the end I request you, Please please please…help me. Is it I am going to have HIV positive? I need to go HIV testing?  Looking for your advise while spending sleepless nights....

Andy Velez:
You are worrying needlessly. The incident you are concerned about was not a risky one for HIV.

Please read the lessons on this site about HIV transmission and testing. You can find a link to them in the Welcome thread which begins this section. By becoming better acquainted with these subjects you will know how to protect yourself, be able to enjoy your sexuality and not have to worry without cause as you have been over this incident.

This is not an HIV situation. Period.


Thank you Andy for your reply.
As per your advice, I gone through your welcome thread and read lot of archives about cunnilingus. Before this, I browsed lot of useless sites and got more stressed with my incident. I am so lucky I found this site…Great people, great knowledge sharing and great advises.

Again as per your advice I stop worrying and also I am not thinking go for HIV test. (Even though I felt very small dry crack on my lower lip after cunnilingus)

I know you guys are spending lot of time and money in operating this websites keep up running 24 X 7. Is there any way users like me can donate to help you guys? Please let me know.

Your guys/gals not just giving advises, more than that you are bringing lot of peace in worried families…Not every one get this kind of opportunity. Gerat job all. We won't forget you all.

Even after strong assurance by Andy, my brain again starts playing games with me after one week. I started re-thinking after I have seen some websites.. I am stressing again only because of my “cracked lip in oro-vaginal act”….Is it I am going to be get HIV by that? I need to be tested? Please just say YES or NO…I sincerely follow your advice. (If you think I a wasting your time, please accept my apology…I am so freaky person..this is my last question)

Thank you for your great advice...

Andy has already answered your questions. I see no use in repeating them.


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