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I had posted about a year back and followed the advice. Can you confirm a few things for me?

In Oct. 2005, I had protected vaginal sex in a legal brothel. I could not finish so she pulled the condom off and finished with her hand.
When she wiped herself, I saw color to the tissue which made me nervous that it was blood from her.
A while later, I masterbated with lubricant but had not washed myself beforehand. I was a bit raw around my penis afterwards from the friction.

Since then, I had gotten tested for STD's and Oraquick HIV test at around 14 weeks.

My question:
When I tested at 14 weeks, I felt that this would conclude my testing. The person providing the test told me that 6 months is actually the waiting period but based on my story that he thought I would not need further testing. Should I do one final test or should I consider myself negative?

I would also assume that if I test negative, I cannot be carrying HIV, correct?

Last question, what percentage and general conditions would cause a person to show a negative result until much after the 13-week period often mentioned?

Thank you.

Andy Velez:
The CDC is conservative in the matter of testing and has for sometime recommended 13 weeks as a reliable testing point.

The only exceptions in which they recommend six months for testing is if the person is an IV drug user or has a severely depleted immune system such as from treatment for cancer.

You don't fall into either of those categories so you have reliably tested negative for HIV. Period. End of story.

Thanks. You've given me good advice in past and I trust your judgement.
I appreciate your help.

Andy Velez:
Glad you found the exchange to be helpful.



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