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Being on TV in the morning

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"Sing for your Supper"... have not heard that song in a long time.

Good luck with you television appearance. :)


Oh, I wish I could watch that channel!!! Would love to see you!!

Honey, this is terrific news for ALL of US, we couldn't ask for a better representative than you.

And, I found out in Wednesday's Allocation Meeting that my county spends ZERO dollars, that's right, ZIP, toward supplemental monies toward the local affected community needs. Looks like I'm set up to start rocking that boat soon.

Good luck...let us know how it went (I'm sure you looked so suave....!)


Dear Zephie,

I was flawless, dressed in black.  I must have been in mourning because I was even wearing black underwear  ::).  They had prepared questions about me and the differences in my life since HIV and again since AIDS.  I got to plug my web site, the RWCA reauthorization anf the Community Re-Connect program.  I wish I could watch it but TV cable does not fit in my budget, I'll never see the show.  I have had no sleep since the day before yesterday?  I don't remember.  Turning on the AC and taking a short nap.  Meet me here later I want the 411 on the Funding Allocation.  Have the best day

Dear Michael...I'm sure you did very well and made alot of folks more aware of the crisis we live with daily........Take care and bless you for all you do.


 Way To Go Honey! I know you did an excellent job  and they couldn't have picked a better person. I wish I could see the show but here in the backwoods of Kentucky is a far far piece from California   :D
 Pehaps you could get a copy and have a video clip here? As you know from my attempts to  start my Ky website  that you rescued me from, I have no idea how you do that but I'm sure you do if its possible.


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