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Being on TV in the morning

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Dear Siang,

George Dubya does not watch the news, it takes too much intelligence to interpret and understand.  Staff does that for him  :o  Have the best day

Jena Dear,

I don't know how I fixed your site, a line in the programming just did not make sense so I changed it and it worked.  I was a business major in college and took a computer programming class.  I could not figure out simple tasks so I dropped business as my major and went into media communications with a business minor.  Have the best day

water duck:
Dear Michael,

Now since u r so well informed about what his staff does for him, a question : does his staff changed his
Have the best day .


Recieved a copy of the tape from the show this morning.  If you remember Katherine Hepburn in "The Madwoman of Chaillot" you may understand how I feel.  In the movie Countess Aurelia (K Hepburn) overhears the people of Paris talking about the evil people from the oil company, she asks, "why didn't anyone tell me about this?"  They responded with, "because we didn't want to disturb you Countess."

Apparently nobody wanted to disturb me either because my face is so ravaged with lypodystrophy, I didn't recognize me.  It was my words, my voice and my shirt but I did not recognize the face.

I took the tape next door for confirmation but the contractor was not able to take time away from his work and said he would like to come up tonight and see the show.

I called some friends and they are coming over now.  I see myself in the mirror every day and I am in shock.  The other local people in the story look like themselves.  I know I have been losing a lot of weight and body fat because as of this morning, I am 25 lbs underweight.  If my friends confirm that is what I look like all the time, I shant be going outside any more.  Have the best day
(The other madwoman of Chaillot)   


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