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Hi Forum Friends,

I just received a call from TV 50 Santa Rosa.  They are doing a piece on 25 Years of AIDS, I am being interviewed at 10:00 AM.  This will be moments before I attend the Executive Committee and Basic Needs Committee emergency meeting called in regards to the Funding Allocation advisory. 

I guess I was chosen because I am pretty and and am on the Executive Committee, the Sonoma County Commission on AIDS, the Basic Needs Committee, the Community Re-envolvement Task Force, the Persons living with HIV/AIDS Committee and have been asked to be on the Board of Directors of the AIDS Nutrient Bank.  I suppose it is also because I was on the front page of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat (a New York Times company) saying I have AIDS.

It takes planning to put these shows together, why do I get a last-minute call?  I would have liked to use my Macy's card and get a killer outfit.  Have the best day
(who actually has a lot of nice clothes)

hope your interview goes well. Be sure to highlight the need for funds!,,,,,, but i'm sure you will. Best of luck
on the outfit too!!! ~jordon
ps: please highlight the context here.

Well, are we going go be able to see that pretty face of yours?  TV, Newspapers. Webs.  You're a real multi-media type of guy.  Show us the goods!


(who still laughing about the Carter Family  "Cuntry Music"  episode.)

Hi Forum Friends,

On the show, I am going to introduce myself as a person living with AIDS for the past 10 years.  I am wearing a suit and will look like any businessman on the downtown street.  I plan on discussing the reduced funding in the RWCA, the Funding Allocation Working Group and Community Re-Envolvement, a program of which I have been the spokes model and key player from the beginning.

After the taping, I go into the emergency combined committee meetings, I am a voting member of both committees.  THe focus of this emergency meeting is to convince the voting members the ASO is the best qualified organization to head Community Re-Envolvement.  They have ignored this program from the beginning and have recently become aware that if they head Re-Envolvement, there will be a bigger share of RWCA funding and they can keep their jobs.

I will then remind them who they work for... the client with HIV/AIDS.  I am also in the Funding Allocation Working Group and in order to keep their jobs, they have to provide better service to their 500 clients and I refuse to allow them to turn my 9 months of hard work into their job security.

I have spoken with the other two people who are being interviewed, we are on all of the same committees and in agreement to not start a media circus but to demand service for our dollars as we work as hard as all of them and live on disability incomes, while we line up for charity each week.  We all drink from the same public welll but the county employees take much bigger drinks.  Thank you ever so much for your time and have the best day

It's 4:04 AM, I can not sleep and am supposed to be up dressed and fresh in 2 hours.  I could make a triple Latte and be bouncing off the studio walls.

Robert, I should have been a singer so I could put the cu (you know what) back in the Country.  I jus can't sing... Wait one minute, we are all singers in this world.  "Sing for your supper and you'll get breakfast."  They wanted me to train to be a bartender but I used too much product.  Same as a Mary Kaye Commando, used way too much product.

Sex would probably make me sleep but Mr. Magic lives a mile down the road and would be mad if I woke him on a work night.  "Songbirds are not dumb" and I have a convertible parked right outside. Ta Ta for now


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