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Bucko's powerful blog


I read Buckos recent blog last night on the Spin Cycle at the suggestion of my dear friend Queen Matty.

Well let me tell you, I thought and felt so many things reading that entry.  The thoughts that ran through my head include, but were not limited to:

- wow thats freaking HOT!!!
- damn, whats this guy thinking
- is he crazy?
- he is brave, I would NEVER do that
- boy I wish I had the courage to let loose my inhibitions like he can
- ewwww that is freaking gross!

Again, too many to list here, but you get the general idea.

My points are two fold...first its not for anyone to judge - whats right for Bucko may certainly not be right for you.

But equally important is that through his written words, Bucko was able to elicit countless thoughts and emotions while I read his blog.  That says something about Bucko's talent as a writer.  His words and the manner he articulates and presents himself in his written expression are quite powerful.  Bucko really made me think and try to think outside the box.

Great job, Bucko!



Please continue to write.  The rest I've told you in pm's before.

(and you know who agrees with me.... ;))


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