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Dirt Devil Broom VAC

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Does anyone have the Dirt Devil Broom Vac?  Sometimes this PML makes me feel like a cripple and when I try to vacuum with the Dyson I get tangled up in the cord.  I've seen commercials for the new broom Vac and was curious if this section was any good?  With two dogs I know it wouldn't be sufficient for the carpeted areas but I think maybe the broom Vac would work well enough for the titled area and the linoleum in the kitchen.  It's rechargeable and I wouldn't have to worry about any cords :) so if anyone has one let me know what you think about it.

Don't worry about my cripple comment, I often call myself retarded or crippled just as a way to laugh about the situation.  If I can find some humor in it than it'll tear me apart :D

I say, get one.   If you don't like how it performs, then return it for a refund :)

Bailey (who has been known to buy things to use once and then return them)

I am ALWAYS on the lookout for the best, light vac. I have a high end dustbuster, and a Eureka Whirlwind. Not terribly happy with either one, but the Eureka has many attachments and has enough power, at least, to suck up the ferret junk. And it's light weight, which is cool.

But emptying the nastycan twice for the living room in my apartment sucks, and not in the good vac way. I vote with Dingo. Try the Dirt Devil, see if the light weight compensates for the smaller capacity.

and if not, return it :)  that's the good thing about these superstores... returns with no issues :)

I have something similar, it's great for quick clean-ups (like when i decide to re-carpet the kitchen floor with sugar...) It works best on tiled/linoleum floors, can't really handle carpets.
I love my dyson, but i do often find it gets really heavy/difficult to maneuvre. I'm thinking about getting one of the new ones(the ones with the pivoting ball); i tried one out the other day, and they are much lighter and easier to turn etc...



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