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Starting on Atripla (First Time On Meds)?


I was diagnosed HIV back in 11/05 after getting a case of Acute Retinal Necrosis (kind of a herpes of the eye).  I came out clean from that event (eyesight and all back to 20/20).  It was also discovered that I had Syphyllis which was later determined (after normal treatment of Penecillin) that I had Neurosyphyllis.  Basically, I've had syphyllis for so long that it was deep inside of my spinal fluid.  I went through the 10-day IV treatment and then another follow up of injections.  My syphyllis count came down like it was supposed to until it got to 128 and then it halted.  My doc thinks the syphyllis count is being impacted by the he believes I should start HAART to make the syphyllis numbers go down to null.  My CD4 and VL have been all over the place and nothing showing a trend (I've had anything from 850CD4/7,500VL to 228CD4/220,000VL).  I'm not totally opposed to starting meds it's just bad timing with my job.  I've recently been promoted to Manager and we are currently short staffed by 2 persons.  So I'm having to work very long hours until I get our office fully staffed again (that should be within the next 30-45 days).  My job also requires that I interact with patients/customers/physicians/managers, etc. all day within complex and sometimes sensitive issues involved where I must have a clear head, calm attitude and quick thinking capabilities.  I'm afraid that if I start taking meds now that I won't be able to perform my job in this crucial time where I am heavily relied upon.  Once I have other staff hired and trained, it won't be a problem if I come to work late or call in sick.  But at the moment, that would not be possible for me to do.

My doc wants me to start on Nov. 24th but I want to wait til after the first of the year (sometime in mid-January) to begin when I have a full staff on hand and the office can stand easily in my absence and/or tardiness.  Any advice on if I should over-rule my doc's directions and if I should delay, how to not "piss him off" that I'm going against his desires/request?  Thanks for any help or opinions that you can give.  :)


I started Atripla a month and a half ago and I have been able to do my job all the same.  I am a manager as well and my office has seen heavy activity since I started and I haven't missed a beat.  Having been newly diagnosed the anxiety that comes with that has been all that has slowed me down. Atripla works differently on people so the CNS side effects could be different for you.  I'm assuming that you are keeping your status quiet.  I'm doing the same and there have been no red flags for my employees.  I hope it keeps up.


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