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I have a rat in my flat! (Yeah...good news, especially for you crazy rat lovers)

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Will and I were lying in bed and he says, (casually I might add), "there's a mouse on your floor."  WHAT!!!!  :o  I look up and see nothing, so I think he's just pulling my leg.  I flip off the lights and next thing I hear are little feet rustling accross the floor.   >:(

I hate pests.  They scare me.  I'm glad I'm out of town this week, I probably wouldn't be able to sleep at my place (Will thinks I'm overeating cause it's just "an itty, bitty mouse"....whatever, where there's an itty, bitty mouse, the big momma and pappa RATs can't be too far behind)!  I can just imagine waking up one morning and the mouse is sitting right on my pillow, chewing on my ear.   :o 

I call the management company and they claim that they will get the pest control people to call me right away (supposedly they come every 3 months, but I haven't seen them yet).  Figuring it would be 3 months before I hear from them (par for course for these folks), I called a local pest control company and they want to charge me 240 ($443) for 3 treatments.   ::)

I need help....

1.  What's a reasonable price to pay for the extermination of rodents? 240 ($443) does not seem reasonable.
2.  What happens when the mice die?  Do the extermination people come and get them (cause I sure as hell ain't searching for, nor touching a dead, decomposing RAT) and what if it dies behind a wall or something....can they get to it, so that they can remove the dead carcass before the place starts to smell?


There's a really cheap solution that you can buy in your local hardware shop - it's called a mousetrap. They're about 29 pence each (plus cheese) - three or four will do ya. Get Will to empty them - put him to work. :D

(who is not kidding)

Obviously, my friend, you have done something to anger the mouse mafia.

We can discuss this fully over some spaghetti and cheese, and I will make you an offer you can't refuse.

But if you know what's good for you, you'll keep quiet.

- Jaser (leader of the Mouse Mafia).

Roaches or rodants and I'm out of there. if you have vermin roaming freely around your living space, then it is unhealthy.

I'd make sure that the landlord fixed the problem immediately and if not I'd move and get your expenses paid for.

Yuk! :'( :'( :'(

Terry (remind self not to visit Cliff any time soon)

PS. Were you laying or lying or just lying about you two laying??? ::)

A trick I learned living in Houston with no money and no job, just out of college, was to put a mouse trap with some bait into a paper bag and put it where you have seen the little fucker. In the morning you just throw the bag away.


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