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Clinical trials in Canada?

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I live in Calgary, not exactly the hub HIV globally speaking. We've only got one HIV clinic for a million people and the doctors are only in on thursdays so they book MONTHS in advance. So far I haven't been able to find any drug trial info that pertains directly to Canada and especially not Calgary... the only one I'm involved in is just a study to track seroconversion i newly infected individuals called PRIMO. Does anyone know about any trials going on in Canada that I might have access to? Specifically anything relating to the gene therapies I've been reading about? if not where might I go to find that information in Canada? The study co-ordinators at our clinic don't seem to get much by ways of drug trials thrown their way, just the passive information gathering studies.
I have the ability and would be willing to travel if anyone knows of anything in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver.

Nice to see someone else from Canada posting.  This site contains quite a lot of info on clinical trials:

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Toronto37: in Toronto offer clinical trials or for trials at UBC in British Columbia.


Nice to see guys from Canada here  :) Hello Everyone!

Maple Leaf Medical is good. Infact, my doctor has asked me if I would be interested in study / clinical trial.

Also go on CDC website.. they have trials that are conducted in both US and Canada simultaneously. They also list trails that are for Canada only.



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