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Brazen self-promotion

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Andy Velez:
For those who may not have already seen it, in the June issue of POZ, the cover story with out HIV+ gay jazz great Andy Bey is written by yours truly.

And just published by University of Wisconsin Press is CAST OUT: QUEER LIVES IN THEATER. It's a collection of pieces by and about lesbians and gays in American theater. My interviews with multiple Tony award winners Cherry Jones and director/producer George C. Wolfe are among them.

That's it... for June.



You shameless hussy--promoting yourself in such a brazen way!

I am shocked I tell you!   :o  Simply shocked!

Seriously, I haven't read the Poz article, nor do I know much about theater, but I'll check both of em out now that I know you've put your tag line on em.

Good for you Andy!   :)


Oh my, all this reading to do! The newspaper comics and now your article in the June issue of POZ.

So much to read, so little time! :'(

Congrats Andy!

Tim Horn:
Oh, Andy...

I'm so embarrassed for you. 

Next thing you know, you'll want everyone to know about the link the article on the POZ website:

I suppose if the article wasn't so damn well written and interesting, I'd encourage you to hang you head in shame.


Thks for the link, will be having a look at it later, its well past bedtime in this part of the world :)


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