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do i have it? please help!

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Dear folks
let me keep it short..i'm a 23 yr old guy frm india living in switzerland. Last year from the 8th of oct until 1oth of dec 2005 i visited sex parlours here in switzerland. i had totally 7 encounters of which 3 were just protected oral and the rest both oral & vaginal sex (same condom). The last time that i had insertive vaginal sex was on 9/12/2005. It was protected as far i knw, the condom didnt slip or break, but i continued for at least a minute even after ejaculating. i was alright until the 1st of jan 2006 ...after a heavy night of partying i got ill with chicken pox.( i got it from my roomies most of 'em had it during tht time). i was ok after tht for a while until i went ill once again in d mid of march 15/03/06.(almost 13 weeks after d incident) the first symptom was diarrhoea..n i checked 4 d reason wen i stumbled upon heart started to panic..n i started looking 4 other a day r 2 i had a cold n fever..n two small swollen neck nodes..i started checkin my armpits n i found 1 swollen armpit gland the next was a bit huge.( confirmed by a doc the next day).i experienced night sweats they were very severe, thn i was alright in a week..but thn i had swollen nodes under both my armpits..1 groin gland. i had muscle pain as well. i still have my swollen nodes but they r smaller than before.n exp night sweats nw n thn. i went for a pcr test and the doc said everythin was fine.(wbc, haemoglobin, etc)tis was in may.
    After a few months in august i got small swollen gland size of a small pea around my neck. they hurt me a bit..n they r very small. i fell ill once again by the end of august 2006 .i experienced night sweats was alrite 4 a while. i had white tongue like thrush on it..its gone nw..but my taste buds are a bit prominent than it used to be. i now gained 6 pounds during the vacation...pls answer my query at ur earliest convinence.
1. Is there any chance that i got it
2. today i caught a cold n felt a bit feverish now my right armpit node is again a bit swollen than before..


are my symptoms consistent with hiv?

You had protective sex. There is no risk.

thanks rod...

so do i need any test ? wht abt the swollen nodes and the ars lik symptoms that i had by the end of 12 weeks frm the incident?

Andy Velez:
If you have persistent and troubling symptoms you should be discussing them with your doctor.

You weren't at risk for HIV in any of the incidents which you have reported. This is not an HIV situation. You're just pasting together a lot of unrelated bits and coming up with the wrong conclusion. Really. 



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