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Who thought this one up?



they should have been checking the frequency of buffalo humps in the normal population and hivers. Or how about upper torso fat deposits? What about fat deposit lumps behind ears and on back of neck? Why not judge the size of triple chins or neck fat?
 Another crappy study to protect the drug manufactures.
How many negative people add 8 inches and 80bls in 6 weeks? How many hivers not on drugs have this happen?
I have had the skin and bones Biafra appearance and the grotesque hunch back of Notre Dame thing with a neck size of 24, gimme the Biafra/junkie look anyday of the week. At least I can brag about my diet.

yes i think so too ,just now trying to get the hump off...................

I think the headline should be "Many HIV-negative American men tend to be fat"

No-one got a hump from drinking Bud (or even a hangover eh?)

- matt


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