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Hubby's latest labs

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Just got home from going to the docs. Hubby's numbers remained virtually unchanged from 3 months ago.
CD4=409  %=15.9  VL=undetectable  I was really hoping that at least his % would go up, but all in all we are pleased and so is his doc. His blood pressure was a little high 140/90, his doc didn't seem very concerned, seems like he always runs a little high when we go there. When he goes to his regular doc, his blood pressure is always better.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  :)


Congrats on the hubby's good #s. It is always great to hear good news!



Nadine, we all want to see some sort of improvement in our numbers but overall your husband's numbers look great and at least they are staying stable.  More important thing are getting any worse.  His high blood pressure may be appointment anxiety.  When I first started seeing my primary care physician my blood pressure was high but I finally came straight out and told him I thought it had something to do with his damn good looks :) once I started seeing my ID doctor she's never told me my blood pressure was high.

Tell your husband to keep up the good work

Congratulations on your hubbies good results Nadine. Blood pressure seems ok too. I think 140/90 is border so considering the anticipation involved could be quite normal.

take care,


Hello Nadine,

 Your husbands numbers are looking good. I understand hoping for that increase in percentage. Give it some time. Mine seemed to take forever to climb. He's doing great !



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