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6 wks from meds to undetectable??

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I went from a viral load of 60,000-plus to undetectable in three months. I didn't test in-between, so it might have been sooner, but I was happy nonetheless.

Sounds like you're on the right track. Great numbers!  :D



Hey guys:
                What meds were all of you taking? My vl is at 60,000 and I started on Fuzeon a month ago. Aptivus and Norvir were also added. My labs are this Thursday 15 of June. My results will be read to me at my docs appointment on the 12 of next month. I'm always feeling tired and sort of dizzy (do to the meds) but I really hope this doesn't mean that my meds aren't working. I feel like a war is going on in my veins and my body is using its energy to ward off the enemy. My cd4s were at 270 the last time they checked. I hope my luck is as good as yours!

Same here in 3 months, Crixivan and Combid(?not sure)
now Viramune Combid. Good luck to all.

My baseline was CD4 of 267 and viral burden of 282,234.  After starting with Sustiva and Truvada my CD4 went to 293  and viral burden dropped to 680 after one month.

I go in for my lab next monday and then get the report 1 week after that (so end of this month).  I'm hoping I will be undetectable by then.

As a side note, does anyone know if 267 means that I was infected years ago or recently.

Shawn Decker:
Thanks for sharing all the firsthand accounts.  I was shocked when I started meds in 1999, I'd been dragging my feet (and ass, due to fatigue) for quite a few months.  When I started my first combo my VL was 800,000 and the CD4 was around 40.  It took a few months for the CD4 to jump, but after a 6 weeks on meds the VL went down to around 800, then was undetectable a couple of months later.

I can give meds a lot of shit sometimes, but they are amazing and I wouldn't be here if I'd been as sick as I was in 1990 as I got in '99. 


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