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6 wks from meds to undetectable??

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Well, I just got back from my Doctor's office. I had high hopes for my last labs taken about a week ago, but they were even better than I hoped for.

I have been pos. for over two years with no meds and a VL that was almost always over 100,00 and just as often over 200,000. My CD4+ was 400 - 600 and fell slowly to 350 - 400 over 2+ years. For some reason, the last  three labs I had before starting meds on 04/28/06 were some of my lowest VL at 48K, 18K, & 71K.

only 3 doses of meds were taken before my 5/1 labs (VL 8090) and 33 doses before my 5/31 labs (VL 131)
My doc was very pleased to see that my VL was only 131 and had me give blood today (6/8).

After 41 doses or almost 6 weeks on meds, is it possible to get below VL50 from an average of 100,000+?

That would be great, but am I hoping for too much? I was worried that starting so high, I may never get below VL50, now I want to do it in 6 weeks!

Any thoughts or experiences to share?

Thanks Southmetro

Hi  SM

It's me, Redbluff.  And I don't think you have high expectations at all.  I went from 500.000+ VL to undetectable in 3 months.  I started with a CD4 count of 18.  I think I have a good strong immune system that's putting up a good fight.  From what you've told us of your past history, it sounds like your immune system is like mine.  Strong and hearty.  You've just started a new job scaling unimagineable heights and your body is still responding the way it's supposed to.  you're feeling fine, right?   Not to worry.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


PS... you got your virus from oral sex, right? The reason I ask is someone just mentioned yesterday he also got it from oral sex and I wanted to let him know he wasn't the only one.

Hehe yes!

The meds do most of their work in the first few days

Good one

- matt

It's very possible. Good work!


 Just want to say, you have had a great response to the meds !! Keep it going...

Yes ,it's possible. I started meds on October 21 or the 24 of 2003. And by December 3rd, of 03 I was under 50 viral load. I bounced around a little after that on a couple occasions, but never went above 166( viral load) since starting on meds.

 The Best/ Your doing great !-----Ray


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