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Jeeez I really hope this is not a really stupid question but thanks for your input.........I have been having sex with thre same girl for about a year now. Unfortunately some of the times were unprotected. I have tested negative a few times since being with this girl. With the results I already received, I am sure she did not have HIV coming into our relationship. She says she has not had sex with anyone other than me since we met, but you never truly know. I know, always practice safe sex.

My question is in regards to HIV rash. I have not experienced any of the symptoms mentioned for HIV like swollen glands, flu-like symptoms, etc.. But I need a little more info on the rash symptom. My torso has been feeling like it's burning like mad sometimes. Lotion helps for a while, but then it comes back. Sometimes the back of my neck feels like it's tingling, but it mostly is my stomach area. It really tends to bother me during the day at work. There has been a red spot or two at times but they go away very quickly. Sometimes it is itchy. I do have a history of dry skin as I am Irish and German. I do not tan in the summer, I burn. So the logical explanation to me is unusually dry skin due to winter and forced air furnace in my house. But my ocd is kicking in here and I am getting a little paranoid over this and concerned because it hasn't gone away. The best way to describe it is it feels like I have a mild case of sunburn. Ever been sunburned and your clothes irritate you? That's exactly what it feels like.

So feel free to call me crazy, I will understand. I just want to know some things about the potential for HIV rash. Does the rash sting? Does it hurt? What does it look like? Does it itch? If I do not have a maze of red dots on me, is it safe to say there is no rash present? Thanks again for your replies. Hopefully this isn't wasting anyone's time. Thank you. And I sex, safe sex, safe sex.

Andy Velez:
Go see a dermatologist about your rash. The one associated with ARS does not come and go nore does it cause the kind of burning sensation you have described.

Instead of playing HIV roulette, use a condom everytime you have intercourse. You should only be dispensing with them when you and a partner have clearly agreed to be securely monogamous and get tested negative together. Under any other circumstances you should be using condoms.

HIV status is not something to be guessing about. Really.

If you have had unprotected intercourse I suggest you get tested. And from here on in use condoms everytime you have intercourse with the exception of what I have said above.


Thanks Andy. First, the unprotected sex will cease. Thanks for the advice. Does the ARS rash cause any irritation? Does it itch? I have googled rash pictures and it looks like chicken pox or something like that. I don't have anything like it, just extremely irritated, burning, tingling skin. I again thank you for your insight. I just can't remember having such irritated skin, and I of course find a way to justify that it is due to ARS. Your work in this forum is commendable. Keep up the good work  ;D


The only way to know your, or your partners, hiv status is through testing at the appropriate time (13 weeks past your most recent exposure). 

The rash you describe is not indicative of primary hiv infection. The rash associated with ars doesn't itch.

Use condoms for penetrative sex outside of a securely monogamous relationship where you have both tested negative for STDs at the appropriate time.



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