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it gets better!!


  Hey Big Plans......

      Thanks for the post and welcome!!! things do get better ive been coping with it since i realized that nothing stops for u just cause u have hiv.
       everyone on this site has been really helpful and supportive. its a great place to get advice and work out the things on your mind.There are those days i still feel like shit but then i realized that there were days i still felt like shit before One Is Alone and i am here if ever u need to talk.. ;D

Hey Soulfly,

I am a living witness that it does get better. Exercise your patience and widen your perspective on this life.

Make the BEST of each Day!

Queen Tokelove:
Hiya Soul,

Don't ya just love this place!!! It has become a support line for me because before here, there was no one I could talk to that could relate. Since I have joined, I have made friends and come to value the posts I read. Things do get better in time. Just take it one day at a time and don't stress about things that may be out of your control.


I just wanted to say it does get better.  I have been HIV Positve for almost 4 months now.  Keeping a positive attitude and taking it one day at a time will help you to cope better.  Life does not stop nor does it evolve around HIV Positive people.  Life just keeps on moving and we move right along with it. Stay encouraged because better days are ahead.



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