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Okay, so there is this guy that I really like, and I think we are going to go ahead and have sex sometime soon.

Of course we're going to use condoms. So I'm wondering what is the best brand of condom and lubricant to buy when I go to the drug store today, and preferably the cheapest as well.

Also, how effective is the condom really in regards to HIV and other STDS?

I'm kinda concerned about the skin to skin STDS and I'm not quite sure how to bring it up to him. Should I just put the condom on him myself and check it out down there before jumping in? Or should I just ask him right before we get into it like "hey man, whats up with herpes or warts and you, do you have any experience with those?"

I want to be as safe as can be but I don't want to ruin the moment by taking all the time to open the condom and put it on and use the lube(which must be done) and then be like "so, what about skin to skin STDs?" right before we're about to do it.

Andy Velez:
You can find basic lube and condom information through these links:

Condoms have proven to be very effective against HIV transmission when properly and consistently used. Some STDs can be transmitted via skin-to-skin contact, which is why we recommend that anyone who's sexually active should regularly get a full STD panel done - at least annually.   

As for any discomfort about bringing up the subject of STDs, this is your health and even your life we're talking about, so it's worth getting past any shame you have to discuss the issue with a potential partner.

Also, remember that no matter what you think about the person or what you think you know about their history, using a condom for intercourse everytime is a must. No exceptions.



That was very informative, unfortunatley that site was only informative on UK brand of condoms, and not US ones. DO you have one on US condoms?

Andy Velez:
This particular site was designed for teens, but I think you may find some useful info about condoms in general.

As far as a particular brand, the important thing is that it be latex.


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