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Hello Folks,

I posted here about 2 years ago after a scare that I had (Which turned out to be fine).

This past Monday, I went to my Primary Care Physican for my end of the year Physical. Besides all the normal testing done (Bloodcount, Chorlestoral, Sugar, Ect Ect...) I had asked for a full STD Panel to be performed (It has been 2 years for me) including an HIV Test. (Please keep in mind that I get an HIV test every 6 months apart from other tests) I asked the doctor what kind of test they performed, he mentioned they do a standard ELISA test to which I get the results back in a week. I gave the OK to perform the additional tests.

I get a phone call from my Doctor this morning saying that all of my STD panel came back negative. When he mentioned my HIV test, he said that 7 out of 8 bands came back negative. He said that one band came back inconclusive (TB114 or TR114 or something along those lines) and that I would need to retest in another 4 to 6 weeks. He also reccomended instead of waiting that long, that I should come back in tomorrow and get a PCR Viral Load test. He said that the odds are in my favor because usually when testing is done and usually a few more bands show up positive.

I am really worried now. When I have sex (I am a gay male) I always use protection when doing anal sex. There was an instance 5 weeks ago that I had when a guy I was. We were doing frotage on each other and at a point his penis did go inside me for a second or two...was not that long. When we both noticed this, he put on a rubber and we proceded to do our thing. Please also keep in mind that the Friday before I went to see my doctor for my Physical, I went to Whitman Walker in DC to have the HIV Oral Test done that came back negative as usual.

I am in kind of a fog now now about this. I have never had an inconclusive result before, and I have been tested for HIV many times in the last 10 years and have never had this happen. Can someone give me some BACKGROUND ON THIS? And some good advice?

This is a agreat site that I did nto think I would have to come back to again after my real scare 2 years ago. Also, I posted under an old screenname before that I do not remember the name that I used.

I look forward to the responses.

Thanks, Anthony

Just an update.....

I went to Whitman Walker Clinic this morning and had another Oral HIV Test. It came back negative of course....

So any words from anyone?

Hello...Is this thing on?

Anyone out there care to comment?

Still patiently waiting....


Well, the good news is the oral test came back negative.  The bad news is you're still worried.  Did you get the viral load test done?  That should clear things up a bit and perhaps ease your mind.  The conduct you describe in your prior post sounds very unlikely to result in infection, but you probably won't be completely at ease until you know for sure.  Hope everything comes back negative.   

Thanks for the reply Nash. I appreciate. The weird thing is that this test is almost 6 weeks in to the "Window Period" for me. The incedent took place on October 8th, 2006. We used protection for our intercourse. Plus, me and this other fellow have hooked up in the past b4. I have had no symptoms what so ever. I know that means nothing, but still.....All of my friends when I lived in NYC and Boston who are HIV Positive, and came down with this fraking disease have all had some sort of flu like symptoms.

In Mass and NY State, they rec 6 week testing. This is what I have always gone on. From reading this site and others, this seems to be the norm except for the "normal" 3 month waiting period.

So this is where I am confused....what does "Inconclusive" mean? Being that I have tested at the 6 week period as negitive (From the HIV Oral Test) but this other test showed up with these other results? Is the Oral test very sensative? What is this 8 Band Elisa Test where 7 out of 8 bands are neg and one comes back with "Inconslusive"

Thanks, Anthony


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