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Heard from Jeromy today...well, 2 minutes ago.

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Hi Gang,

John & I received a call from Jeromy just a few minutes ago.  He's in Kansas right now and is about 2 - 3 hours away from us.  He will be calling us when he gets nearby and we're going to meet to get something to eat or whatever...

He sounded good and actually said he had just finished eating and in his words, "I just had a Double QuarterPounder w/Cheese.  WOOHOO!"  I then had to hand the phone over to John because Jeromy wanted to know how far away he is from us and what-not.. I told him, "I haven't got a clue where the f*&k I am."  I'm from NY, ya know?  :o

He also said that he has everything he owns in his car.  I'm like, WOW, I've got more stuff than he least we packed mine into a mini-van, Jer's got a smaller car. ::) ;)

Anyway, just thought I'd let you all know that our boy Jer, is A-OK...and sounded really good. ;D

Have a great day...

Trish & John :)

That is good to hear.  When you see him give him a big hug for me. & tell him I hope we can see one another if he drives I-40 through TN.


You got it Dan... :)

Anyone else have a message for Jeromy... I'll pass it on, but no slutty stuff okay, my virgin ears can't handle it. ::)


I also just talked to him and I agree he sounds great!  He seems totally adjusted and I have a feeling he will do just fine in Charlotte.

I'll keep my nasty thoughts to my perverted self ;D just give him a big hug for me.


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