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To My Forum Family....

So, earlier this week, I have to get my California truck smogged, and my favorite mechanic deems it a 'GROSS POLLUTER'. (It failed the test, and badly.) Seems the prior owner modified the freakin' system somehow, so, two years later, I inherit the problem he created. In all my years as a California driver, this has never happened to me, so now I'm embroiled in a world I know nothing about. (As if I need something else to deal with.) The major problem is, I can't renew my vehicle registration until I pass the smog test, which, in my case, is due next Wednesday, the day I fly outta here for the NIH trip.

I guess I have been flying too high lately, and the Universe decided I needed to come down a notch.

In that my major newspaper interview was happening the next day, and my attention was focused on PUBLIC DISCLOSURE, I couldn't deal with this issue. My next day was devoted to attending my first Planning Council Allocations Committee meeting in Sacramento, an effort that ate up three quarters of my entire day (1.5 hour commute down the hill, 3.5 hour meeting, 1.5 hour commute home), not to mention the encompassing distress over the subject matter of the meeting (Ryan White Funding, and the Federal Government's obvious 'Divide and Conquer" legislation...or, plainly said, "legislation written to spread the available funding to the point where NO funding will apply to anything or anywhere"...........!

On the way up the steep grade home, I start to hear a strange sound underneath the chassis of my truck. It is kind of a 'klunking sound', and the trany is obviously straining to climb the hill. I make it to my exit, and the truck stalls. I send up a plea to the Heavens to just get me to my house, while a 'sinking' feeling inside tells me I'm in deep doo-doo.

I make it home, call the mechanic, tell him I guess it's time for me to have a 'real world' crisis, and fall asleep from stress for three hours.

I decide when I wake up to take the damn day off today, I'm under way to much pressure, and I'm playing hooky. The DMV can wait until tomorrow, the mechanic can have my truck while I'm off in research land, and I'm sure the outcome of all this will be another huge bill, to add on to a long, long list of them. Just more people with their damn hands in my already empty pocket.

I don't usually post such personal info, but shit, I'm tired, and have soared the heights these past few months.

Even we activists and 'elite controllers' have reality smack us in the face, for goodness sake, I'm only human.

Thanks for reading, really just needed to vent.

Love to you,

Zephyr (who is very distressed right now :-[

Dearest Zephie

Wow, it's sounds like alot on your plate. I know how valiant you've been these past several months. For me when things pile up, I take a break when I can. Also, please just deal with one issue at a time. It's all do-able but first things first, take care of you !!!

As far as the universe, well what I can say. Being an 'elite conroller' too, there is still plenty of crapolla for us all. I remember when I was diagnosed as having Bi-polar disorder I felt I was doubly cursed. I'm over that. There has been and is always so much good in the world.

I know you were venting and that's good, remember that's what we're here for, Love and Support.

Ciao Bella
Your bro'
Paul xxxooo


Jesus, girl, when you do it, you do it up good!

I'm so sorry about your truck.  I'm still driving around on a "May" registration tag waiting till payday to take my smog test and get my new stickers.  I never can seem to get this done on time, so why break with tradition at this point, huh?   ;D

Sending you some "good vibrations" from the Bay to the Foothills, doll!


When I read the title of this thread, my mind went right into the gutter...I thought you were talking about, well, you know... :o ;) :D ;D

Another bump in the road -- it happens to the best of us.

HANG TOUGH ZEPH, THIS TOO SHALL PASS... I hope real, real soon.

Try to relax, your entitled.  I hate seeing you run yourself ragged.  Take some me time and get some rest, read a book, listen to some soothing music, take a bath...a glass of wine out on the porch, etc.... if you know what I mean? ;) 8) ;D

If you need anything, we're here.

Rest up dear lady, you're deserving.

Love always,

T :-*

water duck:
Dearest Zephyr,

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Here is hoping tomorrow will be better.



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