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Anyone from the Philippines here? Where did you take your test?

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Is Oral Really Rare? In the study conducted that one is pos and neg no one got infected. The one conducting study are they really sure that in those study that no one uses condom for oral sex?

Why do some male reports that they got it from oral sex? But I havent read a female that says she got it from doing felatio?

Why is a male doing cunnilingus not risky? isnt it the same with doing felatio?


It wasn't just one study, it was three and they were all conducted over many years. The longest one lasted ten years. They all had the same exact findings as well. The people who took part in the studies answered extensive questions concerning their sex lives and they were followed up frequently.

Some people will report that they "must have" gotten infected through giving blowjobs because they don't want to admit to or don't remember (drink, drugs, whatever) having unprotected anal intercourse.

Going down on a woman is totally different than giving a blowjob because the anatomy is different. The sperm of an hiv positive man is likely to contain hiv. However, the infectious sexual fluids that a woman produces are high up inside the vagina, in the thick mucus that surrounds and protects the cervix. It is unlikely for a tongue or mouth to come in contact with this cervicovaginal fluid.

Is there some specific reason you are asking these questions? We might be able to help you further if you tell us what's on your mind.


I had protected sex. But thinking if oral is really rare. Because I read in the Living with Hiv Forum some said they got it from doing oral. So Im just confuse.

So the serodiscordant study took 10 years and no one got infected? How many couples participated in those studies?


There were three studies all together.

On the one that lasted ten years (1990 - 2000): A total of 135 seronegative individuals (110 women and 25 men), whose only risk exposure to HIV was unprotected orogenital sex with their infected partner, registered 210 person-years of follow-up. After an estimated total of over 19 000 unprotected orogenital exposures with the infected partner not a single HIV seroconversion occurred. (del Romero, Jorgea; Marincovich, Beatrizb; Castilla, Jesúsc; et al; 2002) These people were seen by the researchers every six months, when they would undergo extensive questioning about their sexual practices as well as physical exams, including hiv testing.

I don't remember off hand how many were in the other two studies nor their duration. Maybe Jonathan will chime in with what he knows.


I believe one study is still ongoing in San Fran.  It involves gay men - last I heard, and maybe Jonathan has an update, but they were up to 400 men participating and no seroconverstions as of yet.

I worry too about oral. I don't allow guys to ejaculate in my mouth, but the precum is what worries the hell out of me.  I promised myself, no more oral without flavored condoms.   I guess it is what you do that makes you comfortable.


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