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Why so many symptoms

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Hi All

8 weeks ago I had oral sex with a prostitute I was wearing a condom. I also fingered her then noticed 2 open wounds(not bleeding) on my finger.
The next day and still today I've had every possible symptom... thrush, fever, nausea, rash, night sweats, discolored fingernails, herpes 1 outbreak, sore throat, swollen (and painful) armpit glands.
I had 4 negatives 1,2,4 and 6.5 weeks.
I had a vdrl done at 4 weeks (I actually prayed for a positive) all negative except for herpes simplex...which I already new about.
My question is... how much should I trust this 6 week mark?
What could possibly explain all these symptoms?

You didn't have a risk. Your symptoms have nothing to do with hiv. If they continue, see your doctor.

Andy Velez:
We absolutely cannot tell you what is causing your symptoms. What we can with some authority tell you is they have nothing to do with HIV. HIV is a fragile virus and one that is not easily transmitted.

Please read the lesson on Transmission if you haven't already done so. The link to it is in the welcome thread which opens this section.

I don't see any need for further HIV testing. Just discuss with your doctor what might be causing those symptoms. It's not HIV. Really.


How long will hiv survive on my fingers if she had a high viral load?
Do the antibodies we make to defend hiv actually do anything?

Andy Velez:
You were not at risk for HIV transmission during the incident you are concerned about. You don't seem to be wanting to accept that reality.

Would you be worrying this much if you had been with a non-professional? Sometimes it seems people worry more thinking because someone is a sex worker they are automatically riskier. It's activities that are risky, no whom you are with. And you were not at risk from the things you described.

Sorry, but I can't even understand what you're asking in your second question.

The bottom line is you were not at risk and no testing is/was necessary. You need to get over this totally unwarranted concern about HIV.

By the way, have you taken the time to read the lesson on transmission which you can find through the Welcome thread which begins this section? That would be a better use of your time and energy.


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