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the doc said last month when the vl came back @ 489 it was a sign of resistance and i should have definitely been undetectable by now. so we waited 30 days and did a vl on monday and it came back 3,822. i was like god dam how could it jump that much in 30 days? I NEVER MISSED A DOSE OF THE MEDS! $12, 000.00 worth of meds and this.  at the end of the day iv gota start all over again. of more concern is the doc statement of i dont why. the resistance test done when i started meds showed no signs of resistance. wants to do the resistance test thing again. i was so sick when i started the meds. i really dont know if i wanna go through all that again. im really demoralized! really sets up for a great holiday :'(

Sorry to hear that. It is strange, anyway, that your resistance test didnīt show any resistance. I might be in your same situation and ignore it. I didnīt get a resistance test and I wont have another VL. count till the 3th of January.
Lest see what does your next resistance test show and keep us posted.
Try to enjoy your holidays.

Unfortunately, that's one of the limitations of getting a baseline resistance test.  It is not always the case that if it doesn't show resistant strains that it doesn't exist.  It is possible to be infected with a resistant strain, get it archived, and through a series of replications while not on medications, the wild-type virus re-emerges, predominates, and pushes the resistant strains in the background to the point where they can't be detected by the genotype test (since the test needs the resistant strains to be present in at least 10% of the viral population to be detected in the test).  When the meds that the resistant virus is resistant to is reintroduced, it kills off the wild-type and susceptible strains and allows the resistant strains to multiply again.  It's good that your doc is on top of this and addressing it before you develop more resistance and cross resistance.  Running another genotype test that would help choose which meds to put you on next.  I realize how disappointing this has been because of all the effort you have put into it.  The timing sucks as well.  On the positive note, there are plenty of other meds to choose from and hopefully, perhaps the next one would not give you as much side effects.  I wish you luck and please keep us posted.


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