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Very Worried. Need help

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And with that, I respectfully withdraw from the conversation.

By the way, there's something here I need to clarify. Blood can transmit hiv, but not blood that's been lying around, whether out in the open or trace amounts on the tip of a needle. Hiv is a very fragile virus that quickly becomes too damaged to infect when it is outside the human body. It needs exact environmental conditions and the slightest changes in temperature, pH or moisture levels will render it useless.

Syphilis is a bacteria and it is also very sensitive to changes in environment. I really rather doubt that the needle stick was your source of syphilis infection for this reason.

There are several types of syphilis caused by subtypes of the Treponema pallidum bacteria that causes syphilis. You might want to ask your doctor if you might actually have something called Yaws.

--- Quote ---Yaws, caused by T pallidum subsp pertenue, predominates in the tropical areas of Africa, South America, India, Indonesia, and the Pacific Islands. Its highly contagious nature is indicated by an estimated 50 million cases worldwide. Transmission occurs through nonsexual human-to-human contact. Most cases are in children and adolescents. In endemic areas, 75 percent of the population contract yaws before reaching 20 years of age.
--- End quote ---

As I understand it, a syphilis test would not differentiate between the two (sub)types.

But anyway, this is not a syphilis website. It is an hiv forum and you didn't have a risk for hiv.


Hi all,

Thanks for you help and patients with me and all my worries. My week 9 test for HIV came back -ve. However my VDRL has increased.

I'm not sure if it's ok for me to ask this here, can someone suggest me any forums for syphilis as I really need a lot of information on this.

Sorry for the trouble i've caused. Hope you'll can help me.



I don't know of any syphilis forums, sorry.

Have you talked to your doctor about Yaws? If you aren't getting satisfactory answers from your doctor about your syphilis problem, maybe it's time to seek a second opinion.

There's no surprise that your hiv test came back negative as you didn't have a risk of hiv infection to begin with.



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