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I was POKED(edited) by a syringe 7 weeks ago while I was picking up the can drink from the Soda Machine. I know to a lot of people this sounds like a some tale but this is no joke. Till now I still have muscle and joints pain. I did a blood test in week 4 that showed NEGATIVE but I had VDRL reactive at 1:16.

I've had these symptoms:
1. Muscle n joint pains
2. light lymph node swallon on neck n groin
3. rash in week 4 but was given penicilin as my VDRL is reactive. After that the rash has gone.
4. light fever which lasted for around 2 hours togather with muscle pain on my arm. This was during week 2.

My concern is since i've been tested NEGATIVE in week 4, what are my chances of testing POSITIVE in week 8 or 13?

Can someone tell me if all these are just symptoms of SYPHILIS or can it be HIV?

If i was infected with both SYPHILIS and HIV can it delay in the process for testing POSITIVE for HIV?

Can 8 weeks test be conclusive? I'm so scared n waiting is killing me... I just don't know what I can do. I've never had sex in my whole life. No drugs as well.


You'll maintain your negative. You can not get syphilis by being pricked nor can you get HIV from a little prick by a needle.

It's not a needle. It's a syringe, thats why I'm worried. All the symptoms are pointing towards it. If it's not from the syringe else I could have got my VDRL reactive at 1:16? Can this be something else???

A syringe without a needle attached is just a syringe. You didn't get syphilis from what you described. You didn't say if it was HSV1 or HSV2. Why did your Dr. give you penicillin? Penicillin won't help for HSV.

Andy Velez:
Your mind is running wild and pasting together some bits which are not based in HIV science to come up with a scary scenario.

Nothing you have written or are reporting in terms of symptoms suggests this is an HIV situation. So when you use a phrase like "everything points to HIV," well frankly, it's ridiculous. No kidding.

In the ordinary course of things I wouldn't even consider testing to be necessary for this situation. Given your state of anxiety I suppose (and hope) the inevitable negative test result will allow you to let go of this unfounded concern.

If you continue to have symptoms you should discuss them with your doctor. This is not an HIV situation. Period.


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