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Hello all.. I had a situation back in October 05 where I had unprotective vaginal sex, no more than 4-5 mins. BIG MISTAKE

I believe in about 5 days I came down with a fever, swollen glands in my neck, it felt like a lump inside my stomach which I read could have been my spleen, during the first few months I had re-occuring canker sores in my gums, which I always got from time to time, but they were more frequent this time around.. I was extremely scared and became instantely depressed. I got tested about 2 weeks for all STD's and also got a blood test for HIV. The doctor responded he will call me if there's anything show's up after the test, which he never called. Also the HIV specialist would give me my results a week after the test, but I would have had to call her, but I was to scared to do it! I know that it takes about 3 months to get accurate HIV test results, but I had to go talk to someone at the time.

This past summer 06, I came down with tonsilitis(spelled wrong lol?) And went to the same health clinic center where I was tested. Now I know you guys wouldn't know this for sure or not, but wouldn't my record still be at the same clinic, and also on my insurance record?

So now it's one year and a month later and it's like my life has been consumed by the thought of having HIV. I am from Detroit MI, where HIV is pretty high. January 06 I started smoking Djarum blacks cigarettes and also began a workout routine, mainly weight lifting. Before my possible infection, I was 6'0 about 190-5. A few months after I dropped to 180-5. Currently I'm 193 and it has seemed I lost my body fat.

Although I read that the more muscle mass you attain, the higher your metabolism goes up. I just feel so thin. I tried on some clothes I use to wear a few years back and my current body size just don't match. Although I gained muscle my legs feel and looks thinner than they have been in the past.

I know rambling, but my mind races like this everyday, i'm going to stop smoking asap. I am too scared to get tested, and I just need some insight and comments on my situation.

If there's anything I left out or you want or need to know just ask i'm here!

Andy Velez:
Scared, if I am reading your comments accurately you had a single episode of unprotected intercourse. And when you were tested you did it before 13 weeks after the event and you never picked up your test result.

You need to know that HIV is not an easy virus to transmit. It is significantly harder to accomplish from female to male. Given that it was a single incident, the odds against transmission having occured are overwhelmingly in your favor.

But, having said that, you still need to get tested. HIV status is not something to guess about. Ever. So scared or not, and with your knees knocking, get yourself in and have a test done. You may even be able to find a place where you can have the Rapid test done and get a result in less than an hour.

You've dragged this concern around for way too long. And as far as your symptoms are concerned, nothing you are reporting is in anyway suggestive of HIV. Your mind is just working overtime. You can clear this up by just getting tested so you can move on with your life.

I do expect you will test negative. However, you need to learn from this experience. No matter whom you are with, when you have intercourse you must always be wearing a latex condom. Period. No exceptions.

Good luck with your test.


Thanks for the reply! I never got around to check it in full untill now.. Im still depressed over this, and the girl who I believed to be infected from just got tested today and will be recieving her results next week... I know I shouldn't rely on another person's results, but it's a start....

I was still concerned with the weight loss... Does stress cause weight loss? It's scary because my jeans doesn't fit normally, like i'm missing the fat I normally had on my thighs.. I work out to build my legs... But they're still very thin feeling, like it doesn't match my upper half....

Is this common to HIV?

Andy Velez:
Neither the presence nor the absence of symptoms will ever tell you anything accurately about your HIV status. Only an HIV test taken at the proper time will give you that answer. The CDC recommends doing it at 13 weeks.

Certainly there isn't anything about symptoms you are reporting which is in any way HIV specific. Right now you have HIV jitters so your mind is busily (mis)interpreting everything through that mindset. Weight loss? Among possible causes, you may without having noticed be eating less than usual during this stressful time.

Just stay productively busy and the waiting time will pass more quickly than you can imagine. The odds are in your favor that you will come out of this ok.




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