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Hey guys!  This is Danny's niece Emily...I'm visiting for a couple of days and wanted to shout out to yall!  He talks about you guys all the time (all good, I swear!  ;))  He's really excited about the Montreal trip...wish I could go and meet yall, too...but hopefully I'll be moving to Denver, LA, or New York for a job.  But, just wanted to say hey and thanks for being such good friends to Uncle Danny!  Later!

Hi Emily.
Your uncle Danny is a really great guy. he has talked about you before.(all good I swear!) hehehe
Hope you have a lovely visit with him.
Best wishes on your employment journey. :-*

Yeah, he is...but don't tell him...his ego doesn't need to get any bigger!  LOL!  He told me you're gonna be his roomie in'll love it!  He's hillarious!  He'll probably keep you up all nite laughin! 

Hey Emily, no problem your uncle is a great friend to many of us :)
give him a great big hug from me :)

Jeff from Ohio


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