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Scared to lose my current benefits

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If You went to all the trouble to finish school, I say You should go for it.  You only live once.  Sometimes You just have to jump.  I agree with the Government job idea.  Check and see, you may be able to get Your Disability benefits back if work is too difficult for You. 

Thanks everyone for your great advice.  Sometimes I just need a little kick in the a**.

water duck:
Well u certainly found the right place for that kick; tell u what, we try to do it gently  :o
Some time, we need to change those 'comfortable old socks' ; and meet new challenges.
Your by-lines are quite inspiration, why not draw strength from them ??



Go to this link and read about the ticket to work program through Social Security. You may be interested in reading this. Under the program you will have a 9 month trial work period. You will still draw your disability check and still have your Medicaid benefits.  Also go to this link @ the Social Security website this is info on working while disabled. Hope this helps.

All the best,


Hi L.L.

I know exactly where you are coming from.   I decided in 2001 to 'give up' disability and return to work on a full-time basis.   My first day of work was Jan 2, 2001.  I was doing fine, even though they expected a lot.   There is no such thing as a 40 hour week for an accountant these days.   Then, my partner of 14 years left me in April.   I handled the stress of that, but was really dragging.   I decided to move back to Alabama, where I had family, and re-start my disability in October.   Even though I felt like a failure, I think I did the right thing.

I've been on SSD for 11 years now.   I miss the advantages that working a 'real job' gives you. (like a salary!  and benefits).   If you think you are able to work full-time, I say "go for it".   I found the people at Soc. Security to be very helpful.   They even continued my SSD check for 3 months into my full time job, so that was an added bonus.

Good luck to you.



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