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Hello folks,

Well I am new here  (dont blame my sloppy English)
I'm scared to be get hiv because of this accident (non-sexual) on a bit rainy day:

I was in the city here and while walking with my bike, i turned into a smaller street on the right and at the corner of a house there was a peeing dirty tramp!!! I passed very close beside him, I saw him and was first kind of frighted, but as i moved on and i assume maybe urine or even blood in it splashed on my finger or even mouth. Now I think of it im very afraid because i also have had a cuticle (nail biting) riped hours before, and i think i have a risk because of those dirty or hiv tramps. I cant think clear and i think of going to the doctor...pep or so? but i also read that mucous/broken skin exposure is a very low risk of infection.

thanks for a clear reaction!


Andy Velez:
There's not a grain or a drop of a reason for you to be concerned about HIV in relation to this recent incident.

You do need to read the lesson on this site about HIV transmission. There's a link to it in the Welcome thread which begins this section. No one can afford to not know the basics about HIV transmission because this epidemic is going to be around for a longtime to come.

You are worrying  needlessly now because you don't know those basics. Read the lesson.


this was in the welcome thread:
''For example, HIV-positive people with very high viral loads (high amounts of HIV in their blood and genital secretions) may be more likely to transmit the virus to their partners, during unprotected insertive anal, vaginal, or oral sex. The presence of STDs, especially ulcerative STDs, can increase the risk of spreading (or becoming infected with) HIV. Trauma – such as abrasions or cuts inside the vagina, anus, mouth, or on the penis – can also increase the risk of transmission. All of these can increase the per-act risk of HIV transmission.''

So this means my chance of something like hiv would be minimal/non? Is there a number that you sir can tell, because i feel like i'm the only one ín the world who is dealing with this incident (of urine)....
I've also read: oral sex is like much less risky (than vaginal/anal sex) so i can compare it with a cut in the finger or not?

Well i hope to get some ease, because it was a awful thing


You don't get HIV from URINE. Period.....

this you can you all confirm? suppose a bot blood in the urine?

well  ???


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