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--- Quote ---THEN there is the possibility of getting stuck with a syringe (and this happens quite often) and if that happens you automatically have to go for an HIV and Hep test.
--- End quote ---

I just wanted to add that getting tested for bloodborne pathogens after a fingerpoke is an option, but it's actually something that the employee can decline.  There is, however, a real occupational risk for contracting hepatitis B (unless you have been vaccinated and are immune) and hepatitis C in these situations.  Your concerns are certainly very understandable, but like others have said, you don't have to give up on your career just yet.  And your comfort level is probably more of a factor here than the actual risks.

I know hiv+ surgeons exist because I met one at Her user ID is "want2opr8" in the personals section. Look her up and send her a message.

A guy visited my newly diagnosed support group from the AIDS legal council of Chicago and discussed surgeons and OR techs. He said there's no reason you can't do your job but not to disclose at work. You can call them if you have more questions: That's what they're there for. It's free advice.

I can't imagine hiv is the only blood disease that could put a surgical patient at "risk".

Good luck,

Nobody has ever been infected from a surgen from my understanding.


Thank you all for your support, I will definitly be taking all your kind input into thought when I'm trying to figure everything out. You all have really put my mind at ease some. THANK YOU!

I'm so glad I found this forum!



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