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Over a week ago I had insertive anal sex with someone I know for a fact to be HIV positive. I thought I could handle the issue and unfortunately I couldn't. Anyhow, the condom broke and I did not feel it break. Anyhow when I pulled out I was totally exposed and im not sure for how long. So I rush to the hospital and 14 hours later im on retrovir and epivir.

Heres the problem though, the drugs are making me miserable and its becoming hard to function. The person I had sex with is on medications. Now I have been for a week. I was the top and unfortunately since the condom broke and slid all the way down its the same as none at all. What I want to know is if I can reasonablly afford to stop taking these medications?


Unfortunately, there is no cut and dried answer to your question.

The odds are significantly in your favour of testing negative - even without PEP - over a one time, insertive condom break incident. I've yet to see an insertive partner test positive after a one time condom break. However, this does not mean there is absolutely no risk.

If your partner's viral load is undetectable, this will also lower your risk, but again it will not make it no risk.

You will have to decide what you feel you can live with. Do you put up with three more weeks of being uncomfortable to give your already significant odds a boost, or do you stop the PEP and trust in your good odds? Before you decide one way or another, check out the side effects lesson as well as the info on Epivir and Retrovir for tips on getting through this time. It may also help for you to know that the side-effects may start to subside soon.

You also need to know that your hiv antibody test will only be conclusive when done three months past the last day of PEP, whether you take it for one week or the full four.

Good luck in whatever you decide and feel free to keep us posted.

And one more thing, please check out the condom and lube links in my signature line. A correctly used condom rarely breaks, so hopefully you can prevent this happening again in the future.


Thank you Ann. I guess I will continue to try and take them. I do have one more question however. Are any of the side effects likely to be permanent from one month? Such as wasting etc? Sorry to sound naive. Also, thank you for telling me to test from the end date of the medication. My doctor had mentioned no such thing unfortunately.


No, none of the side-effects will be permanent. You will not experience any body-fat changes from only one month. These kinds of side effects take time.

Make sure you check out the links I gave you, so you have a better idea what you're taking and how to deal with it.

Hang in there.


Hi, I am back.

I just wanted to thank you Ann. The side effects from the PEP have all but subsided.. The side effects are terrible but they honestly seem to go away. I am glad I didn't quit cause shortly after I posted they went away.

As for my test results when I know, I will post. I have faith in my odds! It was driving me nuts for a few days but stess wasn't helping me either.


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