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Worry after 5 years test ... NEEDS REAL HELP PLEASE


I am a man who has been exposed to an oral sex session - fellatio in Sep 2001 and got a serious acute infection the same day after 4 hours same night. Since that day my life really changed and I have seeking help till today testing and asking with no real output. If somebody can help would be really thankful. I test so many time ... year 2001 Elisa test shows 0.27 S/CO with WBC 9.3*1000/microL and in 2006 0.34 S/CO with WBC 8.9*1000/microL. My life stop since SEP 2001 can't seek any job due to that really I am having the followings:

1-Red painful itchy skin on the top of my hands ... nerves killing me in that area
2-Top of my legs stiff ... I feel like my meat is really painfull from inside and itchy on the surface.
3-I have a bigger stomach ... maybe lipodystrophy ... I don't know ... and a bit of Nausea especially while sleeping and morning time.
4-Gastic always ... and always ... and bit of diarrhea from time to time once in a week for sure ... and remaining time not that much strong stomach ... feel worry everytime I eat because next day I am having like a bit of Diarrhea.
5-Last 2 weeks I feel a bit of headache ... especially on the back ...
6-My legs chills ... are cold even in the middle of the summer ...

I feel always must walk and walk ... can't drive ... sleep ... or sit on a chair for a long time.
My questions are
1- 8.9 WBC after such a long time could be a good sign that I am not HIV infected
2-why Elisa is showing 0.34 and increasing from 0.26 after 4 years ...
3-why I am feeling all the above symptom ... and if not HIV ... what it could be ...
4- I am infected ... with 0.34 Elisa and 8.9 WBC after Sep 2001.

I do really needs help ... truly speaking ... my tears falls most of the time ... what could it be ... and what is going on ...


Nothing that you have brought to this forum is a risk for HIV, other STDs maybe, but not HIV. Symptoms or lack of mean anything when it comes to diagnosing HIV.

Andy Velez:
I am no certain what you mean by having been "exposed to a session of fellatio. If someone performed fellatio on you there was no risk for HIV transmission. There's never been a case of transmission in that manner in the entire quarter century of the epidemic and you aren't going to make history by becoming the first.

As for you giving fellatio, the risk is very, vey low there have been hardly a handful of cases confirmed, some of which are questionable.

So what it comes down to is essentially no risk for HIV. With all of the data you have given there is no mention there of your having taken an HIV test at 13 weeks or more after the incident which prompts your concern. So if you haven't had an HIV-specific test then I suggest you do so and collect the inevitable negative result. Hopefully you will be willing to accept that result.

As to your other various concerns you should be discussing them with your doctor(s). This is not an HIV situation. I also recommend that you see a therapist or other mental health professional to get some support dealing with the emotional aspects of your concerns.



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