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--- Quote from: Teresa on June 08, 2006, 08:21:27 AM ---LOL..i remember the commercials for PF Flyers when i was a kid...."They make you run faster and jump higher."
That was probally back in the 60s...Damn im getting old...LOL


--- End quote ---

 I almost forgot that !!! I remember the commercial also ! :)


Sorry, unless a person is working out, running shoes are such a fashion faux pas.  However, the only pair I have when I play squash are Reebox.  Are they a great pair, I don't know but the kinda fit me feet ok!  I still prefer my lace up gong fu shoes (very similar to soccer shoes I've been told  but without the cleats) for activity: they have great support and are extremely light weight. 



The slogan was:

"PF Flyers make you run your fastest and jump your highest".  I HAD to have a pair when I was a kid.  SO much more fashionable than Keds.

But then I went to junior high school, where I abandoned PF Flyers for Carolina Blue Converse All-Stars.  I wore those until I headed off to college in Blue Heaven, where I switched to white Cons.

(who now wears New Balance because they fit his extra wide EEEE foot)

OMG I remember them like yesterday.  PF FLyers were the rage.  My secret decoder whistle, I am still looking for.  I have mentioned them here before, and now they are on the forefront.  My life is complete

et in arcadia ego:
When I was in high school (late '60s), the really cool varsity club thing to wear was Converse black high-tops with white socks. If I recall, Chuck Taylors were pretty pricey for "play shoes" in those $10-$12 a pair.

Teresa jogged my memory about the PFs. I think the commercial said something about "Run your fastest...and jump your highest." Not very grammatical, but it must have been catchy if it still sticks with me.



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