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I have edited the questions to be the right way round.

I have no strong views either way, I have no vested interest in this going one way of the other... but why wait? does it matter who starts the poll? is there (a yet to be tested and revealed) poll etiquette?

If Peter wants to defer the question he can lock the thread and post his own poll later, but it's a simple question, and generated quite a debate on pro's and con's in another thread B4 hand. 

You empower people, they act. What's the difference between an "official" & "community-led" poll? If mods don't want general people posting polls then they can take the option off the boards.

I have personal views on polls, namely that they have huge potential to set flamebait & encourage poll trolls (yes there's one lurking under this bridge right now), and therefore they are candidates for exclusion from general posting options.

- matt

what stars? Do you mean the stars under our names?  I didn't even notice them until this post.


When I read a post, i don't care about the stars to be honest.  I don't pay much attention to it. I pay more attention to peoples' thoughts and what they have to say.....for me, it is irrelevant whether there are stars or no stars.



 I will wait until the mods set up a poll, But Actually I don't really care, one way or the other. To be quite honest, I don't look at the number of posts, I look at the information provided.

 When I joined up on the former site, it wasn't to see how many posts I could make in a given amount of time. It took me a long enough time, to get comfortable enough to  get posting anyway. I actually don't like typing, and depending how the arthritis is in my hands, I like to keep everything short.

 I joined here for information, and to share my experiences of living with this virus for 20 years, for those who like to read about them. If I can answer questions, I will do that also. Got to let the newcomers know, that life doesn't end with a positive diagnosis.


Here here Ray!

The stars really don't matter to me.  Shit, anyone can just keep pumping out questions or reply to every query under the sun with a simple, non-informative response just to bump up their "ranking".  I don't think that just because a person posts often or infrequently that their opinion and their knowledge is any more or less valid.




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