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Not to pre-empt the mods, but people's busy and a poll was promised/requested.

- matt

it will be done.

This is premature and without any background or the opportunity to really discuss this.

This poll is invalid and really should not have been posted.   Sorry Newt, but I think you overstepped some bounds here. 

I do have an argument in favor of the 'rankings', and matty as well has his own arguments against this.  

I just want this to be a fair poll with the opportunity for everyone to express their opiniions.   Till the owners are ready to post  the promised poll, I think it in bad taste for you to push the issue.

Please note that your topics of voting are extremely confusing as well.

you ask, "is the star rating helpful?"

and the first possible answer is : "No, I like it"

Well, it really can't be both can it?  Either you DON'T like the ratings or you do.... Your option is directly contradictory to any question..... and makes this a very FLAWED survey.

You should have waited for the mods to post it... and not tried to pre-empt them with your thread here.

Please close this poll as it is premature and has serious wording issues which make it invalid.   Let the mods post their own poll when they are ready.

I'm sure it hasn't been forgotten.

(with much respect to you newt, because i ADORE you)


Matty the Damned:
Methinks Newt is, in part, having a little fun here. ;D

The poll questions:

--- Quote ---"No, I like it"
"Yes, I dislike it"
--- End quote ---

are cute. Hehehehe.

I agree that the Mods will post the poll when they're ready. No doubt they're still busy bedding down the new software and whatnot.

(Who bets it's just his luck that the poll will be called this weekend when he's away)

It's not that serious (the vote).  Plus if people want to state their views or vote here, then I don't think that would make things all that confusing, should the mods have an official vote (which will probably be a sticky any way) later.  Give the people some credit for having a brain.

I can understanding wanting to give people some time to try out the new forums, but at the end of the day, you either like the stars/ratings or you don't.

and if the poll questions were concise and accurate, i mght agree....  but since they aren't this poll is invalid and any discussion might be biased.

But the questions aren't valid.


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