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worried since a long time



first of all, Id like to thank all the people who take their time to answer and please excuse my English since Im not a native speaker.

March 2005 I had some unprotected vaginal intercourse with a girl I know since 6 years for three times. Exactly four weeks after the last intercourse I woke up at 2 am with a sweaty chest, not drenched. I took off my shirt and went back to bed. Next morning I felt fine but during the day I started having a slight headache which lasted about three days. One week after this headache I got a sore throat just on the left side which lasted about three weeks. I was able to eat and drink, but the sore throat was always present. At that time, I started to worry about possible ARS, but I have to say, the sore throat started after reading about possible symptoms.
8 weeks after the last intercourse I got a rash on my right foot and a swollen node in my groin which lasted one evening. I cant remember that I had fever and Im sure there was no rash, except on my foot and I did not feel sick, just anxious and worried.

14 weeks after the last intercourse I took one of these home kits from Mirates available from the Netherlands which showed me a negative result. But due to the concerns about the reliability of these tests, I dont trust my result.

I know, symptoms or the lack of symptoms are no way to determine my status and I should take a test at my local doc, but it was hard enough to make that first test.
So I wanted to ask if my symptoms are worrisome for ARS, especial the night sweat.
Using Google in that situation is the worst thing someone can do, but I read, that if the sweats occur intermittent and localised, HIV could be responsible.
Since one year Im not able to think about anything but these things and I think Im going insane. But before I go to retest, I wanted to post my concern.

Thanks a lot...


Symptoms or the lack of symptoms mean nothing. There is no point in discussing symptoms.

The problem with the Mirates test tends to be false positives, not false negatives. Go get a proper test to confirm your negative Mirates results.

Hiv is a fragile, difficult to transmit virus and more so from a woman to a man, so the odds are definitely in your favour of testing negative again.



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