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Anyone else located in iOwa? (or willing to admit it?)

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Anyone else located in iOwa? (or willing to admit it?) Or am I alone?

Home state of Dona Reed
Home state of the new superman Brandon Routh (opening soon)
Johnny Carson
Fred Mertz (William Frawley)
Herbert Hoover
Ann Landers
Cloris Leachman
Glenn Miller
Harriet Nelson
John Wayne
Andy Williams
The Beaver (Jerry Mathers)
And me...

I'm not from there, but I visited there once as a child.

All I remember is that it was humid.




 I knew a guy from Newton, Iowa a long time ago. Haven't seen or heard from him in years. Never been to Iowa myself...


Hi Randy,

I used to travel Iowa extensively while working with the 142 Independent Telephone Companies there.  I have been through even the most rural countryside.  While I like Des Moines, I think that my favorite town there is Iowa City, what with the college and all.


I was in an L.A. beach front cafe once that was themed after a car repair garage in Iowa.  The waitress carried a tire guage and offered to test my tires.  I suggested that she and my friend, two corn fed Iowa youths get together and talk shop while I serviced the car. Our waitress saw Iowa once from 3,000 feet.  The vehicle service offer was a coupon from the cafe and the work had to be done in Earl's Garage in Iowa.  Have the best day


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