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Things finally a changing?


Well I came home last monday to a msg on the ans machine. It was this twisted nosed "B" with one of those get out and vote recordings. She says, "Rudd" is for the family. He wants a state const amend to ban gay marriage. Mccoy is against banning gay marriage. Vote Rudd for family values" (something like that). Well here in the bible belt, Mccoy is openly gay and has been a state senator for 10 or maybe 20 years.

Anyway, Mccoy easily won 77%. That old "fear the gays" tactic seems to be old stuff, finally. In fact, its a clue the "other guy" is screwed up in the brain for even trying such hate tactics. Nice to see people seeing thru this crap they try just to get votes.

Hey Randy,
It is heartening to hear those scare and hate tactics failed.

Let's hope this is a harbinger of things to come in November.



Hello Randy,

 Not meaning to change the subject, but I remember years ago, when we would call the bible thumping gay basher, tele evengelist, on their 1-800 telephone lines, just to cause them misery.... Plus give them hell ( particularly that Jerry Falwell.



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