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This is to organize a small group meeting of no more than 25 members who are active with HIV/AIDS funding and networking .org or individual for an excercise to get feedback from members.

We will brainstorm an list important phrases or words that begin to describe the purpose of an newly found HIV/AIDS awareness/prevention network.

This is a good thing because memebrs can see what they say and thus, common themes emerge.

We will look over the responses and underline the most important words --- the key words.

Tne Voice over Web Conference call is set for 9:00pm EST on Saturday., June 10, 2006.

If you do not have YAHOO, you can download it at:

Send a request to join my memebrs list so I can add you for the conference.

Further questions will be answered Saturday Evening.

Thanks Everyone

Hi Eldon,

You can count me in. Looking forward to the brain-storming session.

Until then,



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