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First time since we found out

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Teresa, what a nice name and what a nice person you may be.
Have you heard about the female condoms? Probably this is one of the best options you can make use of to feel more secure and more confident having sex. Ask to your doctor or ask for some advise to indicated person.
You will find the way to fulfill your hearts and your feelings.

water duck:
Teresa, on the surface your thread may sounded pessmistic, but actually there are lots of reasons for rejoicing as you are on the road towards healing.
KEEP AT IT HONEY it will get better. IT IS normal.


hi teresa,

just keep talking to each other...
sex is only one way to show someone how much you love them...if it's not feeling right at the moment, don't give up, just find another way to show each other how strong your relationship is.

kate x

my heart goes out to you Teresa....communication is really important, keep it up.  I can feel the love you and your hubby have for each other, don't ever let that feeling fade.  This may be tough, but it is not the end of the world.  Be strong and you guys will get through this.  I'm rooting for ya.


Teresa what you are going through is perfectly normal. My partner is negative so I can understnad the fears you are both going through.You just have to feel both secure and confindent in what you are doing before you can enjoy sex.  Make sure you got strong right sized condoms to feel more at ease. Foreplay (safe sex) is very pleasureable too to start with untill you go into penetravitve sex. I think once you get it right it will get easier by time.

take care,



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