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Hi everyone...I realize that this has gone on for too long, but my symptoms are really scaring me and I don't know what else to do. I have taken way too many hiv tests from a one time possible exposure and yet I still don't believe them for the following reasons:
Sometimes swollen and pronounced stingy nodes
Nightsweats that wake me up at night, but mostly VERY wet in the hair and chest area..they happen for a few days back to back then disappear for a good while, but always back to back when they do occur (?)
Sensitivity to sunlight (after being in the sun my body itches horribly, even in places the sun doesn't hit)
Diagnosed thrush that doesn't respond to treatment (almost 3 months)
Follicules (many, many) inflamed- new ones everyday
Confimred dermatitis in eyebrows and facial area
Stomach pain
Nausea for weeks
Sweating that feels like a fever, but normal temperature
Arms and legs that fall asleep or sting when awake but worse when I sleep
Muscle ache that feels flu-like not overexerted feeling
Tired a lot
Rashes on arms that come and go
Headache for 2 weeks straight
Diarrhea--ish movements (very soft) sorry..
Very dry skin..
Shaky feeling that doesn't go away-even after taking a SSRI
Tingly feeling in scalp and pulsating feeling various parts of the body..

I realize that you have assured me that I am negative, but I still can't believe that it is possible...I have lost all hope in that I am actually negative...these all started after that one time exposure. I am normally a very rational person, but the symptoms really scare me and the doctors can't figure out anything that is wrong with me. They have looked at CBC's and everything under the sun, but everything turns out ok. My question is this: can a mutant strain exist and not get detected by the current elisa tests? As much as I have tried to learn about hiv - the science of it eludes me. The exposure was last year (SEP '04) and nothing makes sense to me - not even my CD4 numbers, I figured if I actually was + and suffering symptoms wouldn't my numbers reflect that? CD4 May..863/44% and normal CD8 ratio and %??? I used to be worried about group o, but not really anymore because of the great number of tests that I have taken (3 elisas and one oraquick adv. ) I figured that it would have popped up at least in one if that was the case, although I can be wrong. HIVworker any info on the science of mutation from maybe a + person on HAART that has unprotected sex with that even something that can actually happen? Thanks in advance for any help...


All of the symptoms you describe have many other plausible explanations outside of hiv infection.  Take solice from the fact that you have eliminated HIV infection as a cause.

Symptoms mean nothing where hiv is concerned.  You can have some, none, or all of the symptoms usually associated with primary hiv infection and be positive or negative.  That is why at-risk behavior and properly timed testing are the focus in risk assessment.

Symptoms, if you get them at all, come all at once 2-4 weeks after exposure, and leave all at once a week or two later.  The timing and duration  of your symptoms is not indicative of primary hiv infection.

Continue to work with your doctor to get to the bottom of your ailments.  You are reliably hiv negative.


Thanks for the response, however, is it at all possible that a mutant strain could have escaped and created a new version that is not detected by the current elisa? Kind of like the supposed supervirus in New York? Was that a different strain of a current subtype?

<< however, is it at all possible that a mutant strain could have escaped and created a new version that is not detected by the current elisa>>

Possible? Sure, in the meteor hitting you on the head sort of way.

But realistically? Its not going to happen.

<< Kind of like the supposed supervirus in New York? Was that a different strain of a current subtype>>

Neither. It was shoddy reporting, compounded by an attention-seeking sensationalistic researcher. To date, there is no "superbug," and HIv is detected by standard ELISA testing, currently some of the most accurate and sensitive tests medical science offers.

You do not have HIV. I am sorry you cannot let this go, to the point of delving into science fiction for your fears. I respectfully disengage from the conversation.

Jk thanks, I did go to the doctor and she is checking my testosterone level (she has run out of ideas she says..) I mentioned everything to her and yet she strongly feels as everyone on this site does...I know exactly why I can't let it go, but that's beside the point because I know that symptoms don't mean infection...but that's just it, I guess there isn't anything else I can do in relationhip to hiv except give up and hope that everyone is right and that I am horribly wrong.


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